A cold room is a type of a room where a very low temperature is maintained at all times. This type of room is able to keep its temperature with the help of precision instruments and other similar machines.

For your cold room to function properly & efficiently, it is important that you make sure that the refrigerated room is maintained properly. Keeping it clean is essential so that the food is kept safe from any contamination. The efficiency of the room can be made possible if the room is maintained properly.

Cold room service includes: Calibrate the cold room temperature, check the proper temperature remains when the modular cold storage has a full load, clean the evaporator and fins – important for temperature maintenance, clean the evaporator casing and all blowing fans and check the control valves are fully functioning.

COLD ROOMS Installation and Service


We can help you with everything from installing, repairing or servicing your home and business appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines,  fridges, ovens, stoves, cold rooms, dishwashers etc.


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