A lot of experts say that you should give your stove or oven a thorough cleaning at least twice each year. If you use it everyday then you may want to increase that cleaning routine to, say, once every month. Leaving burnt food to continue to re-burn with every use will eventually cause your appliance to work less efficiently.

Cleaning your appliances will ensure that you and your family eat clean and uncontaminated food reducing chances of infections or sickness. Keep in mind that microorganisms tend to thrive in warm areas, so you need to clean your appliances regularly to avoid such cases.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of stoves or ovens. Whether you have an electric or gas stove or oven, our technicians strive to ensure that your stove will be performing at its best.

Isocool (PTY) LTD stove or oven & repair involves checking and fixing the following issues: Electric Cooktop Won’t Turn On, Electric Coils Won’t Heat, Cannot Adjust The Temperature Of Burners, Cooktop Creates Sparks When Turned On, Indicator Lights Won’t Turn On and Damaged Electric Coils On The Cooktop.

STOVE repair & service


We can help you with everything from installing, repairing or servicing your home and business appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines,  fridges, ovens, stoves, cold rooms, dishwashers etc.


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