Most of us we rely on washing machines and tumble dryers to do one of the most the tedious tasks, that is, laundry. From simple and regular wear like shirts, socks and pants to things like jackets, towers, bed sheets and even curtains, washing machines and tumble dryers have made our lives easier and better. It makes sense, therefore, to keep these machines running in good condition.

Regular washing machine maintenance goes a long way in helping these machines last for years to come. The truth is, you or your family can do most of these things right at your home.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of washing machines . Whether you have one of these following washing machines: top load agitator, front load or top load impeller, or these following types of tumble dryers: heat pump, condenser or vented, our technicians strive to ensure that your washing machine will be performing at its best.

Our washing machines repair & service component checks (and fix) if your washing machine has the following issues: Washing machine not starting, washing machine is noisy, Excessive vibrations during operation, washing machine making noise when draining or not draining at all, washing machine over-filling or under-filling, washing machine not spinning, or water leaking from soap drawer.

WASHING MACHINE repair & service


We can help you with everything from installing, repairing or servicing your home and business appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines,  fridges, ovens, stoves, cold rooms, dishwashers etc.


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