There are a lot of reasons why you should regularly service your fridge or freezer. First, it saves you a lot of money. Think about it for a minute. If your fridge or freezer breaks down, you lose thousands of rands’ worth of groceries on top of the fact that if the damage is bad enough, your are going to have to replace the fridge or freezer itself. Refrigerators repair & service allows you to catch a problem before it starts or becomes worse beyond repair. Lastly, you can extend the life of your fridge or freezer saving you tons and tons of money in the long run. No one likes shopping for appliances, so do yourself a favor and schedule regular maintenance checkups for your fridge or freezer today.

Refrigerators repair & service check for problems such as water leaking on the floor, freezer isn’t cold enough, unit is cycling too often, fresh food compartment is warming up, sheet of ice on the freezer floor, build up of frost in the ice dispenser, ice maker is overflowing, refrigerator is freezing food, water dispenser not working etc.

REFRIGERATORS repair & service

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