Are Air Conditioner Covers A Good Idea?

Are Air Conditioner Covers A Good Idea?

Is it a good idea to have air conditioner covers? Maybe and maybe not, but first let’s start by clarifying which covers we will be referring to in this article. By air conditioner covers we don’t mean insurance cover or anything like that, but we are referring to the actual air conditioner covers.

With so many insurance advertisements on steroids being bombarded everywhere you look it’s safe to say most people might get confused about covers. In this article we will be talking about the real covers that are used to protect the air conditioner from physical elements.

However it is always a good idea to cover your appliances in case of unforeseen catastrophes. Reputable companies like Genric do this in South Africa. But this is an article for another day; in this article we will look at whether air conditioner covers are a good idea.

At Isocool we have years of experience doing air conditioner supply, air conditioner installation, air conditioner repair / service and air conditioner maintenance in Gauteng, Johannesburg Centurion, Pretoria and most surrounding areas. We have come to realize that there are certain pros and cons of covering your air conditioner. Let’s explore them.

 Pros – Why you should cover your air conditioner

There comes a time when you need to cover your air conditioner. Normally this is just after summer, but it’s not to protect it from the winter cold as many might think. Air conditioners are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the cold and rain; however they are not built to keep out leaves, seeds or nuts which are abundant during the fall.

For this reason you need to cover your air conditioner during the fall. When leaves or seeds get into your air conditioner, they can create a place where moisture collects, which then causes corrosion. It can even block up any moisture drainage your system has built in.

If you do cover your air conditioner, only cover the top of it. If you make your own cover, be aware that it should only come down the side about 6 inches. You don’t want to cover it completely, if you do, you are asking for trouble. A cover that completely covers your unit will trap moisture inside which then causes rust and corrosion.

Cons – Why you shouldn’t cover your air conditioner

People often cover certain things around their home to keep the elements away. For example, swimming pools and lawn furniture, especially if a garage or storage shed is not available. But for those of you wondering if you should cover your outside air conditioner, it does not require a cover.

Some people are under the impression that a cover will protect the air conditioner unit from:


When switched on, the unit sucks in air, which also brings in the dirt. Once it is off, no dirt or other debris will go inside.

Cold Weather

Outdoor cooling units are built to endure harsh winter weather conditions, which eliminates the need for a cover.  


Moisture (water) can freeze the air conditioners’ condenser coils, which can cause damage over time. However, there is no way to keep moisture out 100% of the time. Either through the humidity in the air, or from the wind, moisture is sure to seep in. 

With a cover on your air conditioner you actually trap the moisture in, which can then create mold. You are much better off not using a cover for this reason.


A cover will not keep small animals away, in fact, just the opposite. Animals want to get out of the cold, and your cover can provide them with a new winter home. Remember, rodents and other small animals are known for finding their way into very small spaces.

What the air conditioner experts say

Remember, your air conditioner is already built to protect against typical winter conditions. Therefore, you do not need a cover for it for the reasons you might think. You only need to cover your unit in the fall, and the air conditioner units that we install have attractive looking covers custom sized to work perfectly.

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