Common mistakes to avoid when buying a fridge

Common mistakes to avoid when buying a fridge

Are you looking for a refrigerator for your home? Guess what you are not alone. Often we serve many people who consult us on which fridge to buy, and you know why people come to us, because at Isocool we are the best fridge repair experts in Johannesburg.

With vast amounts of experience under our belts we have come to know some of the common mistakes to avoid when buying a fridge which prove to be costly in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of them in this article.

Buying a brand

In our article 4 Common Fridge Or Freezer Problems we highlighted some of the brands we trust at Isocool. These we found to cause fewer problems than other brands. The common mistake people make is that they don’t read reviews before buying a fridge. Just because a brand has a good reputation doesn’t mean it will be number one in all categories. Next time you want to buy a fridge, read the customer reviews first or alternatively contact Isocool fridge repair experts in Johannesburg for consultation free of charge. Don’t just buy a brand name.

Buying wrong size fridge

Bigger is better right? Wrong! Not when it comes to buying a fridge. One of the other common mistakes people to avoid when buying a fridge is to buy the wrong size. This presents its own challenges. A bigger fridge consumes more power and takes up more space. A smaller fridge though consuming less power takes up less space but the real challenge is that it might not meet all the needs.

So what should you do? Make sure to measure first the dimensions of the space where you want to fit your fridge and take accurate measurements. You can even go further and measure your doorways and passage ways. This will serve you from purchasing a fridge which is too big to fit in your house.

Once you have the correct dimensions you can then scout for the right size fridge with your desired functionalities that meet your needs. In case you need help with purchasing and installation of your fridge contact Isocool fridge experts in Johannesburg.

Not Considering Energy Efficiency

Have you ever gone to bed and woke up the next morning to find a significant chunk of your electricity units used up? Your fridge is the likely culprit in this instance. Though modern stands are very strict on energy efficiency not all fridge models operate on the same tier of energy consumption.

A common mistake to avoid when buying a fridge is not doing a thorough research on the fridge model of your choice. Getting a fridge which consumes more energy might cost you more over time so avoid doing this. To find out more about which fridge models are energy efficient, contact Isocool the fridge repair experts in Johannesburg.

Not budgeting

At Isocool we always emphasize to our clients that cheap is expensive. Always make sure you budget for the right quality fridge before you go searching. This will save you from being overwhelmed with options and opting for a low standard fridge. It’s better to wait for a special and get the right quality fridge over buying a cheap and sub standard fridge which is limited in functionality and will cause a lot of problems in its lifetime.

This is one of the mistakes to avoid when buying a fridge. At Isocool we are up to date with all current affairs in our niche and know all the current specials being offered by manufactures. Contact us before you go out to buy a fridge and we will give you valuable on the best deals available at the moment.

Choosing the wrong design

Never judge a book by its cover or should you? Most people’s buying decision is influenced by the look of the fridge. Today, you’ll find that fridges are available in all sorts of designs. Some designs that are popular include single door, double door, side by side and French door, among others. Of these, we have discovered that single door and double door models serve all basic needs.

Unless you need a refrigerator with lots of features and functionality, there is no need to go overboard and purchase a fridge with features you have no need of. If you need expert advice contact Isocool the fridge repair experts in Johannesburg for help in selecting the correct design which will suit all your needs.

 Going for the wrong finish

When buying a fridge, you must look for a unit that matches the décor of your home. The finish of a refrigerator will determine whether a unit blends in with your interiors or stands out awkwardly. Take a good look at your interiors before you start hunting for a refrigerator unit. Your new fridge should complement the interiors of your space and not be a misfit.

As with the design, fridges are also available in many different colors and finish options. So, it’s safe to say that you will definitely find something that matches your home. If you’re unsure of which finish will go well with your interiors, choose standard white, stainless steel or black options. Those among you who want a bolder look can opt for slate, bisque or other colored finishes with accented rims. Keep in mind though that going outside the standard finish options may require shelling out a little bit more cash.

Ignoring noise made by the unit

Although quality fridges generally work very well, some cheaper fridge models make a lot of noise. If you plan to keep your refrigerator in an open plan layout, then noise can be a concern to you. Before you finalize a purchase, make sure to ask the salesmen about the refrigerator noise. Alternatively, you can also test the unit in a showroom before committing to buy. If you’re an online shopper, check reviews left by other customers before you buy a unit.

You can also take look of the list we compiled of the best brands we trust at Isocool in the Common Fridge or Freezer Problems article. Buying a noiseless fridge is important for your peace.

Isocool Fridge Experts Say

If you’re to buy a cheap fridge in Johannesburg, it’s important to understand to know the mistakes to avoid. This will make you get value for your money and save you from stressful nights. Just imagine how long your food will last without refrigeration, less than 48hrs in most cases.

In case you go ahead and buy such a fridge and find yourself in this fix, contact Isocool the fridge repair experts in Johannesburg for a quick and professional repair job. You can view the areas we cover.

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