Dishwasher: Recommended brands

Dishwasher: Recommended brands

The festive season is upon us once again and it’s that time of the year when families congregate to celebrate the year by indulging in feasts. This means more cooking and dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen. Fortunately, the cumbersome process of doing dishes manually is a thing of the past thanks to the invention of the Dishwasher. Very few people enjoy doing dishes and the time spent doing them can be lengthy. A Dishwasher eliminates scrubbing away dirty dishes in the kitchen and missing out on quality time with family and friends.

 The Dishwasher has become a very important household appliance bringing so much convenience to many households across South Africa. South Africans are well known for their penchant for partying and celebrating during the festive, and who has time to do dishes at such a time.

This is why it’s important to own and have a functioning Dishwasher at all times to avoid having to do dishes the old way. In this article we shall take a voyage into the kitchen and explore the Dishwasher in detail and find out its associated problems and how to trouble shoot them.


Dishwasher Repairs at Isocool

dishwasher is a machine used to clean dishware, cookware and cutlery automatically. Unlike manual dishwashing, which relies heavily on physical scrubbing to remove soiling, the mechanical dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water at the dishes


Dishwashers are electronic appliances or robots that are there to serve humans. Humans only have to load the dishes, add the detergent and turn it on and the dishwasher will do the rest. A dishwasher:

  • adds water
  • Heats the water to the appropriate temperature
  • Automatically opens the detergent dispenser at the right time
  • Shoots the water through spray arms to get the dishes clean
  • Drains the dirty water
  • Sprays more water on the dishes to rinse them
  • Drains itself again
  • Heats the air to dry the dishes off

In addition, dishwashers monitor themselves to make sure everything is running properly. A timer (or a small computer) regulates the length of each cycle. A sensor detects the water and air temperature to prevent the dishwasher from overheating or damaging your dishes. Another sensor can tell if the water level gets too high and activates the draining function to keep the dishwasher from overflowing. Some dishwashers even have sensors that can detect the dirtiness of the water coming off the dishes. When the water is clear enough, the dishwasher knows the dishes are clean.

To better understand how a dishwasher works it’s best to explain by identifying its main components and how each one works towards the collective goal of dish washing.

Control Mechanism

The control mechanism is located inside the door behind the control panel. Many units use a simple electro-mechanical system: a timer determines how long each part of the cycle lasts and activates the proper function at the proper time (such as the detergent dispenser, wash spray and draining functions). Units that are more expensive might have a computerized control system. Modern units also have a door latch that must be closed for the unit to run. Some also have child safety locks.

Water Intake Valve

This is where water from the home’s water supply enters the dishwasher. Mounted on the inside of the dishwasher, the valve opens and closes to let in the proper amount of water during a cycle. When the valve opens, water pressure drives the water into the unit.

Circulation Pump

An electric motor powers the circulation pump. During the washing cycle, the pump forces water up into the spray arms. During the drain cycle, the pump directs the water into the drain hose. The pump assembly is mounted beneath the basin, in the center of the dishwasher. There are two main types of pumps:

  • Reversible. These pumps switch between pumping water to the spray arms and pumping water to the drain by reversing the direction of the motor. Reversible pumps are usually vertically mounted.
  • Direct-drive. In these pumps, the motor only runs in one direction. So, the direction of the water flow switches from the spray arms to the drain pipe via a solenoid valve. Direct-drive pumps are usually horizontally mounted.

Dishwashers can be installed in either a portable or permanent configuration. Portable units have finished sides and a top that can be used as a countertop. When not in use, the machine sits in place next to the wall. When it’s time to run a cycle, the unit can be rolled on casters over to the sink, where it connects to the faucet and plugs into a nearby outlet.

In a permanent installation, the dishwasher goes underneath the existing countertop and bolts into place. Hoses underneath the kitchen sink connect directly to the hot water line and the drain line, and the unit usually plugs in under the sink as well. Both types of installation require a 120-volt grounded line.


You’ll free up time

Life is busy and fast-paced enough without spending time washing up pots and pans. Did you know that 60 minutes of the day is spent washing up after meals, spending just 9 minutes loading a dishwasher can help you save 51 minutes of your well-earned time. Some dishwashers even offer a variety of timed programmes from 30 minute to 120 min to suit your schedule. Simply load the dishwasher up in 9 minutes and go and watch that box set you’ve been meaning to binge on!

It’ll save you water and energy

Did you know, washing up by hand might feel like it saves water but according to a recent study, using a dishwasher actually reduced water consumption by a whopping 74%. That’s a lot of water!.

And it’s doesn’t stop there. In a bid to help cut down energy consumption, some models such as the DSFN6839 consume significantly less water, as little as 6 litres per cycle. What’s more, some of our models feature a half load programme, reducing energy and water consumption by 10-25%. So you’re not just saving time, you’re saving energy as well.

Good use of limited space

Having trouble finding space for a dishwasher? A slim line is a great solution for maximizing that dream kitchen design and not having to worry about pots and dishes pilling up after you cook.

Cleaner crockery

Not only does hand washing take more time and energy than using a dishwasher the cleaning results aren’t often as crisp. With special technology such a Steam Gloss, crockery will appear cleaner, brighter, and shinier.

Gets rid of germs

Did you know, In order to clean dishes properly, the water needs to be above 60°? When washing up by hand, water typically reaches 27.5°C, that’s just not hot enough.

The water inside a dishwasher is heated up to 75°C, so not only will your dishes be impeccably clean, they’ll be cleaned hygienically too.

It’s easier

A dishwasher is the type of appliance that once bought, you can’t imagine living without. Not only does it take less time to load and wash a full load of crockery, it’s much easier to load and empty than standing over the sink for hours a week!

It’s kinder to your hands

Think of those hands you use every day! If saving energy, water, and having cleaner crockery isn’t enough to contend with, not having to deal with harsh chemicals and scrubbing stubborn plates is much kinder for your hands.

It’s safer

A dishwasher makes it safer to wash up fragile crockery such as plates and glasses which could often be dropped and smashed when handled with soapy hands. This means there are fewer breakages and is a lot safer than dealing with hidden knives left in washing up bowls.

 No more arguments!

To avoid any “who’s doing the dishes?” disagreements, a dishwasher can help make a commonly argued chore easier, more efficient, and less of a chore, so you won’t have to argue over who will be left washing the dishes ever again

There’s a good range to choose from

Gone are the days where dishwashers all had the same design. Because kitchens are designed and decorated differently, our dishwashers are too.

Whether you’re looking for a freestanding or built in dishwasher to fit in neatly with your kitchen’s décor or a full size model to make more of a statement, there’s a dishwasher out there to suit your kitchen.

To expound on the last benefit of dishwashers, different brands produce different types of Dishwashers which vary in quality and endurance. At Isocool pty Ltd South Africa we have had a chance to work with all types and from our experience certain brands perform better than others and these are the ones which we advocate for.



Samsung Dishwasher Repairs and Services

It is reliable, energy efficient, quiet in operation. As with any Samsung product these products are well made to be reliable and tend to outperform and outlast the computers on all counts. Simply put Samsung products are superior to most other goods manufactured by the competition.

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out Samsung Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.


LG Dishwashers in Johannesburg

Have a number of high-end Dishwashers built for quality and looks. The LG dishwasher is an excellently built product and is very sturdy and looks beautiful with modern styling which blends in to almost any kitchen. The stainless is high quality and the racks and door feels sturdy.

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out LG Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.


Bosch Dishwasher

When it comes to dishwashers, Bosch is known to be a high-quality and reliable brand. There are many things to love about this appliance brand, including their spacious designs and sleek, stainless steel finishes. Dishwashers by this brand, in particular, can be remarkably quiet and last for years.

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out Bosch Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.


Hisense Dishwasher

This dishwasher operates very quietly and provides a sound signal to notify you once the cycle is complete. The automatic door open function opens at the end of ht cycle allowing steam to escape and results in completely dried dishes, even the plastic ware 

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out Hisense Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.


Siemens Dishwasher

The dishwasher runs completely silent, does not vibrate at all, is highly effective in cleaning dishes and has the extra dry feature as well.

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out Siemens Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.



Has a number of high end dishwasher features to look out for within its range. But despite some uniformly high quality, only a few models would really be considered high end in terms of price. With Smeg, you get plenty of variety within the middle price range.

At Isocool pty Ltd we carry out Smeg Dishwasher repairs in Johannesburg on all models so contact us if you face any problems.

However even though we recommend these types of brands that doesn’t mean they are immune to faults. There are common problems that are prevalent to all Dishwashers and let’s take a look at some of them in the next section.


Dishes coming out dirty: – First, check to make sure you’re not doing anything to cause the dishwasher to malfunction. Review the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to use and maintain your dishwasher. Are you overloading your machine? Could a utensil be restricting the spinning motion of the spray arms? Do you load plates in the machine without scraping food off of them first?

If you are in the Gauteng call Isocool pty Ltd engineers to come and diagnose the actual problem and carry out repairs on your Dishwasher if you find this troubleshooting process to be tedious work.

Dishwasher leaks on the floor: – First, check your dishwasher door and door gasket. Look for any cracks, damage, or large debris that could be preventing the door from sealing completely. Try cleaning your door gasket with a disinfectant, and if you see any large cracks, you will likely need to replace the gasket.

You can attempt to do this by yourself or contact Isocool pty Ltd professionals to come and fix it for you.

Dishwasher not drying dishes: – This is often a problem with the dishwasher’s heating element. If your heating element is in working order, check the high-limit thermostat (a device that prevents the dishwasher from getting too hot).

To diagnose the correct problem without much damage, don’t attempt repairs by yourself, instead contact Isocool pty Ltd professional engineers to come and do it for you.

Dishwasher smells bad: – Old, wet food is likely the cause of any bad smell coming from your dishwasher. Look through your machine carefully for any food, and clean your dishwasher’s screen (located at the bottom of your machine).

If you cannot do this by yourself for one reason or the other then consider calling Isocool pty Ltd engineers to come and fix it pronto!

Dishwasher is not starting: – Check the power sources to make sure you haven’t blown a fuse and ensure the outlet isn’t malfunctioning. You can even try power cycling the dishwasher.

If it’s not an issue with the fuse then contact Isocool pty Ltd engineers to come and take a look.

Dishwasher not draining properly: – This problem is obvious to identify because your dishwasher floods the floor with water when you try to open it. A dishwasher that was unexpectedly turned off (say, by a brief power outage) could still have water inside because the cycle wasn’t complete. Simply running the cycle again can fix this problem.

If this doesn’t solve the problem then contact Isocool pty Ltd engineers to come and take a look.

Dishwasher Experts Say

You can get professional advice on all Dishwasher related issues from, buying a Dishwasher, Dishwasher installation, Dishwasher repair / service at Isocool pty Ltd. At Isocool pty Ltd South Africa we have been serving Gauteng, for more than 10 years. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with all technical problems that affect Dishwashers. Call us on 078 9222884 or contact us via email at for all inquiries.

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