Wall mounted air conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are placed on a wall at a high level and are ideal for smaller areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops. They are installed in a position that can supply the room with an even air flow.

Typical rooms for wall mounted air conditioners

Wall mounted Air Conditioner In A Lounge
Wall mounted Air Conditioner In A Lounge
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner In A Bedroom
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner In A Bedroom
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner In An Office
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner In An Office
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner in a Server Room
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner in a Server Room

Many people believe that air conditioners suck air from outside the room which causes concern that the air might carry impunities and allergens like pollen; the truth is air conditioners do not pull air from outside, they suck hot air from the room into the unit.

The wall mounted air conditioning units comprise of two elements – an internal and an external unit. The air from the room is drawn into the wall mounted air conditioning unit. It travels over the condenser and is cooled, thanks to the refrigerant; a cooling agent used in many refrigeration products. The cool air is then forced back into the room, which pushes the hot air and moisture out through the external unit.

The area which the wall mounted air conditioner will cover depends on the size of the room. The bigger the room the bigger the size of the air conditioner required measured in British thermal units (BTU).

For a room of approximately:Air con Size Required:
14 to 16 m²9000 BTU
18 to 22 m²12 000 BTU
28 to 33 m²18 000 BTU
38 to 42 m²24 000 BTU
52 to 56 m²30 000 BTU
Size of wall mounted to user room

Which units are the best?

There are various manufactures of wall mounted air conditioners who offer the units at varying in cost. The same type of unit can have two different prices with a wide margin. Though this might be the case we have found in our 10 years of experience that price is not a true reflection of the durability of an air conditioner and at most times it is only associated with the brand. Although this might be true we do not advocate for all brands hence we have come up with a list of acceptable wall air conditioner brands that we can safely recommend and consider the best air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Zen wall mounted air conditioner

Mitsubishi Zen wall mounted air conditioner
Mitsubishi Zen wall mounted air conditioner

The Zen is a very popular premium wall air con unit and is certainly one of the best-looking units on the market; this unit offers a sophisticated, streamlined design.

It comes in a variety of powers (2.5kW, 3.5kW, and 5kW) which are ideal for most applications. There are also three different color options (black, silver and white) so you can pick the model that integrates perfectly with the design or décor of your room.
The two smaller models offer extremely energy efficient ratings of ‘A+++’ and the 5kW unit is ‘A++’. They are exceptionally quiet.

It is also compatible with a multi-split system which means that even when installing multiple indoor wall units (up to five) you only require one outdoor condenser unit; this is a very useful option if there is limited space for multiple external condenser units.

Daikin Emura wall mounted air conditioner

Daikin Emura wall mounted air conditioner
Daikin Emura wall mounted air conditioner

Daikin has long been considered the brand leader in the air conditioner market based on their years of successfully manufacturing and trading ultra high-quality air conditioners. The Emura has a unique curved facia and a particularly elegant appearance.

The Daikin Emura has integrated ‘smart sensors’ that monitor room conditions for optimal performance. Its “intelligent eye” can identify whether or not the room is occupied and if the room is empty for more than 20 minutes, it will adjust its settings to save power (immediately switching back to full power when it detects movement). On top of this, the ‘eye’ amazingly directs air away from people in the room to avoid anyone feeling a cold draft.

The Emura wall unit also has a “sophisticated titanium apatite photo catalytic air purification filter that traps microscopic airborne particles, breaks down odors and absorbs organic contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.”

Samsung wall mounted air conditioner

Samsung wall mounted air conditioner
Samsung wall mounted air conditioner

The aesthetics are to die for! All Samsung air conditioners have a beautiful, modern and chic look and build. They have a very neutral but classy design, and they look great in any interior. The more expensive, high-end Samsung air conditioners have a crystal, glossy finish, and a beautiful yet exciting curved design. The AC looks phenomenal and gives you royal vibes. Who doesn’t want that?

When it comes to performance Samsung air cons operating is stabilizer-free and ranges from 80-450 Hz. This feature makes it one of the best in the business. In fact, many other manufacturing brands are looking to incorporate it into their products as well. Samsung air cons perform well, which is why their buyer’s community only tends to increase with time.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners


Wall mounted air conditioning systems tend to be one of the most economical options for those looking for a cost-effective solution to air conditioning needs. The main reason that a wall mounted units are popular is that they tend to be far more affordable than window units, centralized systems or even portable units. Additionally, since modern wall units tend to be very energy efficient, the running costs of this type of system are far lower. Although centralized HVAC systems tend to offer lower running costs, when you factor in the initial outlay for installation, a wall mounted unit offers the most affordable option.

More Aesthetically Pleasing:

Unlike the bulky window air conditioner units, with wall mounted air conditioners, Perth homes will not be aesthetically compromised. The sleek design of the modern wall air conditioner means that it can unobtrusively be placed in the room without compromising the amount of light or view from the window. Modern wall mounted units are designed to be slimmer and smaller than their older counterparts. This development means that any style of decor will not be compromised by adding a unit into the room. Unlike central HVAC systems that can require considerable disruption for installation, a wall mounted unit causes very little damage to decor during installation. While you may find that you need to redecorate after a HVAC installation, a wall unit can be in place in next to no time without ruining your decor.


Another great benefit of wall mounted air conditioning units is that there is a great variety of options to choose from. Many reputable and established manufacturers offer a range of wall mounted appliances, in different sizes, capacities and efficiencies. There is also the possibility to choose a wall mounted split system air conditioner. This type of appliance allows you to both heat and cool the room without needing a separate device. There is simply no need to pack away your heater or portable air conditioner out of season since the unit is permanently placed. This versatility allows you to efficiently ensure that your room feels comfortable regardless of the time of year. Many models also feature timers and other advanced features to allow you to maximize energy savings and reduce your electricity bills even in the height of summer.

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most popular type of AC system in South Africa. Isocool pty Ltd supplies the best wall mounted air conditioner units from the major brands Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Fujitsu.

If you are looking for a wall air conditioning unit to be installed in your home, office, or shop, then get in touch. We offer a free site survey and expert advice to all our customers.

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    Wall-mounted air conditioners are versatile solutions for cooling individual rooms, offering efficient climate control without occupying valuable floor space. Commonly installed in bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, or even small apartments, they provide targeted cooling where needed, enhancing comfort and convenience while blending seamlessly with interior decor.


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